Thursday, August 09, 2007

Organisational Heirarchy in Portal server

I setup a portal server connected to Domino for ldap and did all the usual configuration.

I created a few test users in Domino and added their managers name into the Work section of their person doc. In the people finder portlet I searched for each user and viewed where the sat in the Organisational hierarchy. The portlet then drew the organisations tree structure as requested.

Later a colleague imported a lot of test users when he installed the ActiveInsight applcation. I could search for these users and view the results as before, however they did not appear in the organisation hierarchy. You could not see who managed which employee.

I tried reloading ldap and restarting the portal server to no effect.

I also a few person docs to clear out and reload the manager field details. This worked - the users appeared as direct reports of their manager.

However it turned out that after investigation and a lot of experimentation that i just needed to make an edit of each users person doc, not even to change anything - just to touch the doc. I found a quick way to do this was to slect all users and run the agent "Upgrade to More Secure Internet Password".

Now I can see the entire company hierarchy in people finder.

I could easily have wasted a lot of time on this.

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