Monday, June 02, 2008

Sametime Advanced - Not that difficult shocker

Today I was working with a UK Business Partner who is working towards a deal on Sametime Advanced at a London based customer.

In order to get the partner up to speed we had already worked with the Sales team to understand the benefits of ST Advanced - however it had come time to help the technical team with their first test installation.

This was also my first installation of Sametime Advanced - so we started with a Windows 2003 server and installed Domino 8.0.1 and Sametime 8.0.1 authenticaing via LDAP. Then we installed the Sametime client and checked all was well. That's a simple Sametime Standard setup.

On with the advanced...

Next step was to install DB2 Enterprise Edition which went easily, followed by DB2 Search Extender.

I created the BRKRDB and STADV tables and installed the DB2 license key.

Next up was the install of MQ series, the system requirements showed that Eclipse was missing however this was automatically installed. There was also an install of an MQ fix pack downloaded from the fix pack website.

Then Event Broker was installed - quite simple, followed by configuration via ConfigureEB.bat which needed a little editing.

The last installation was for Sametime Advanced which included the underlying WebSphere Application Server.

A little standard configuration was required to setup SSO between WAS and Domino for http and the installation of the eclipse Plugins for Sametime Advanced into the Domino UpdateSite.nsf for and te job was done.
Although that seems like a lot of work, most of it was quite painless and I was impressed overall and felt confident with the result.

Quite good - and took about 5 hours total