Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sametime Advanced and Active Directory

I was working with Mark Rattray with a customer in Mayfair, London, on a Sametime Advanced installation.

We started off by installing sametime Standard 8.0.1 server. We used the customers active directory (2003) directly without directory assistance. At this stage we ran a few tests to ensure the system was wrking well.

Next we installed the Sametime Advanceed server. Again we used the Active Directory for the user directory - Mark was superb in his understanding of active directory and soon made all the right choices to get the LDAP integration sorted - although this was not to the standard LDAP port.

Once both servers were up and running we setup Single Sign On to allow integration between ST Standard and ST Advanced web interfaces. Finally we setup the Sametiem plugins to be delivered directly to the users Sametie clients.

I believe this is the first Sametime Advandced installation on Active Directory at a customer site in the UK. Mark deserves full respect.

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