Monday, January 12, 2009

Charging a blackberry on Ubuntu - barry

My Blackberry Curve is pretty handy - but it wasn't charging from the USB on the Thinkpad running Ubuntu.

I installed "barry" from here and ran the "bcharge" command from the command line which reportedly ups the USB from 100ma to 400ma.

The Curve seems to be charging now ! lovely.

All thanks to the dapper Martin Owens

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Reply to all email storm - don't blame the users

I always thought that reply to all was a bad idea as a default, It's nice that it is no longer the default in Notes, however this story does take it a little further.

An email storm has been created, apparently, by too many people doing "reply to all". However the resolution seems to be to blame the users of the system and ask that they be disciplined for clicking "reply to all" when using large distribution lists.

Maybe they are missing a point and should upgrade to Notes 8.5 :-)