Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I've been feeling envious of a few colleagues with apple macbooks lately. They are simply stunning to see and use. My old windows laptop seems like a poor unfit cousin by comparison. Seeing Keynote running on the Mac is an experience.

Well.... there is something called KeyJnote.

Keynote displays your presentation once it has been saved as a pdf.
They quality of the images and transitions onscreen is really pleasant to look at and blows away ppt and simpress.

The best part is being able to highlight a section and then zoom into it, and using TAB to find the slide you want, and of course the cool effects.

The downside --- it runs from the command line on windows...
"keyjnote.exe my.pdf".

Don't let that stop you - it's really worth the effort. Or of course - go buy a macbook.

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